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10 juillet 2018
2 août 2018

A Zebra-ish type of Sexy 


My thighs ? They are a zebra-ish type of sexy. 

Have you ever seen that ? 

You don’t know that it means ? 

A « Zebra-ish » type of sexy ? 

It means I have an unconditional love for blades…

You still don’t understand that ? 

Let me give you a little hint… 

You know when you feel so hurt that you have to express my pain physically ? 

Ok… well… there’s that ! 

Combine pain and blades what do you get ? 

No ! It’s not suicide Dummy ! 

My point is not dying… it’s having that « I’m alive » sensation. 

Oh ? why aren’t they on my arms ? 

Cause again my point is neither dying nor is it wanting attention … 

It’s to exteriorize the worst in me !

Whatever you may think about it, that’s on you. 

I found a way and it works for me. 

Is it a good thing ? 

Hell no !

Do I know it ? 

Hell yeah ! 

Would I recommend it ? 

Not sure. 

Do I hide it from people ? 

Do I feel in comfortable ?

No! It makes me feel unique.

I love showing my zebra-ish thighs and letting people’s imagination flow. 

Actually, it’s kind of funny, I’m helping them be creative and not boring for once. 

When they get it all wrong, we laugh and I make them move on with the conversation.

Will they ever know the story behind it ?

Maybe, I don’t know … 


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