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1 août 2018
16 août 2018



As f*ck

The room is bright,

The sunlight is bleeding my eyes

My head is in overload

What happened last night ?

I can’t remember anything

My only memory is the warm rush through my entire being


So forbidden and tempting,

Threatening and powdery innocent like sugar,

Oh my man I wish they knew how attracted I am

Je me ris du danger

Smoking on the cigarettes of my memory

Now taking shots of reality

I can’t place two steps, my ears are paining me

Harsh reality

I shouldn’t have switched up to ecstasy

It all started when he left me

On that warm summer morning

We were still in bed when he told me he didn’t love me

He never did, I was always just fling

Everything went left, and I entered a red ocean

He left, while my tears wet the bed

I screamed and cried but he didn’t look back to the last 5 years

The only thing he left was some coco on the nightstand

One blow of powder, two drops of tequila

The perfect mix for destruction

I lost everything quite quickly: job, friends, money, self esteem

I only loved me some creamy coke

Sorry, love not loved

Haha don’t think I am not aware of the negative

I fully am

I realize and measure all the bad

But it’s too late

I can’t stand the sun,




I want more

I don’t get high enough anymore

I sleep in my sister’s sofa

Until she can’t stand me

Maybe I should kill myself

They say death is the perfect trip

As if someone came back to tell them

I’ll do take more pills and go

And I’ll ask God why he let it happen

Why he created him

Why he created love

And then maybe I can rest for eternity


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Jerry Az
Jerry Az
Jerry Azilinon (mais appelez moi Jey, Jeje, Jeazy bref tout sauf Tom et Jerry), bah c'est moi. Je suis jeune, mignon (mais ça dépend). Ce que j'aime dans la vie ? Bon on va dire que j'aime la vie. J'aurais aimé être artiste mais je tiens à ce que mon nom reste sur la liste des héritiers de papa donc écriture et tout le tralala là c'est juste une activité pour meubler mon temps libre. Bienvenue dans mon univers...

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